My favourite skincare products


My skin has different needs depending on the season. As it is winter, my dry sensitive skin needs a lot of extra love. I always try to keep things as simple and as natural as possible. I am someone that believes that the power of plants is one that you can trust. I change my skin care routine from month to month so it will probably not be the only skin care post you will see here. I love trying different things and taking recommendations so feel free to recommend your favourite products!

As a dislcaimer I’d like to say that some things that work for me might not work for you, everyone is different and everyone has very different skin types. The products I use are suitable for my dry and sensitive skin that is occasionally prone to acne.

I used to wash my face with water only, and although I really enjoyed the time and money saving method, I started getting dead skin buildup and hated it. And I am not going to lie, I am a big lover of skin care products and my skin care routine is one of my favourite part of the day. Here I am going to talk about what I’m doing to my skin at the moment, and it happens to be my favourites so far. Also, everything is very affordable!

Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash (The Body Shop) – £5.50

Although not as foamy as I was hoping it would be, this face wash feels very cleansing but not stripping. It makes your skin feels really fresh and I love the ‘cold’ feeling on my face when I use it (because of the tea tree oil in it). A little goes a long very long way, I bought a bottle two weeks ago and it doesn’t even look like I used it at all! I like using it with a face cleansing brush once a week to deeply exfoliate my skin (the brush is from primark). It also completely cleared up my skin and now everytime I get a spot, it never stays as long as it used to. I think this stuff is definitely great for people suffering from acne. So stop using face wash that ‘gets rid of acne’ from the supermarket and get yourself a bottle of the tea tree face wash from the body shop! Being a person that used both, I can definitely say it’s a million times better, and I even feel stupid for mentioning that because I’m like ‘well yeah, duh!’


ACV and rose water toner 

The easiest thing to make, and it is great for your skin. Just mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 100ml of rosewater and transfer it into a spray bottle (you can add a little more ACV is you have oily skin). I don’t use it everyday mostly because I’m lazy than anything else, but it is a great gentle toner to use on sensitive and acne prone skin. It restores your skin Ph, heals your skin and helps with uneven skin tone. It’s also ridiculously cheap to make!


Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser (Sukin) – £9.95

I’m going to be honest with you here, I fell in love with that moisturiser before even trying it. I mean, it has kale, parsley and spirulina in it! What more can you ask for? I was actually surprised at the price, that type of stuff is usually never cheaper than £30 the small bottle I swear. This moisturiser is definitely one that I’ll probably keep in my routine forever.It is so moisturising but not too heavy, and it sinks into your skin straight leaving no residue. My complexion has been looking so much better since I use it and I don’t have flaky skin on my face anymore which is nice. No, seriously, this stuff is amazing. If there’s one thing you should go buy after reading my post it’s this moisturiser, I could never recommend it enough.


Argan Oil (Majestic Pure) – £10.99

Argan oil is and will always my holy grail for so many things. I use it as a hand and culticle moisturiser, all over moisturiser, hair treatment, lip moisturiser, undereye moisturiser… I don’t even think I have to describe what it does. It’s like magic basically. And I also love the smell of it (although not everyone is a fan). It’s great as an undereye moisturiser because it has anti aging properties and helps getting rid of dark circle.


Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation – £14.00

Although it wouldn’t be considered a skin care product as it is makeup, I do use it as such. It has no nasties and contains zinc which is known to reduce inflammation and get rid of acne. It’s a very buildable coverage, in my no make up days I only use a thin layer of it just to get the benefits from the ingredients, and when I wear makeup I build it up to a medium to high coverage. I’ve been using this stuff for a good 2 years now and I love it. I’ve seen a huge difference and barely get any pimples anymore.

And that’s it. I don’t use a lot if stuff. Or do I? I don’t know, it depends on each individual. I am planning on making this type of post every couple of months as my skin care routine changes quite frequently. I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling post and I’ll see you in my next post 🙂


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